Lumen Art Prize Nomination for KIMA

Zoe Leonard, 13 Aug 2015

Lumen Art Prize Nomination for KIMA

KIMA Research on immersive sound.

We are pleased to announce that Analema Group, of which our very own CDE Research Engineer Oliver Gingrich is a member, has been nominated for the Lumen Art Prize for 'KIMA'.  

The Lumen Prize Exhibition celebrates art created digitally by artists around the world. celebrating the power and potential of this exciting genre.

Artists submit work made on electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets, 3D printers and computers using apps, software or original coding. Each year, the winning works tour the world giving seminars on digital art. Voting is now open click here and register to be able to vote online.

The Lumen Art Prize is a global prize for Digital Art and the awards will take place on 24th September 2015.  The Lumen Prizes will be awarded at the Gala at London's Frontline Club in Paddington and will be live-streamed.

Check out the video of KIMA as an installation at Kinetika 2014.

Congratulations to Oliver and the Analema Group for the nomination, it is fantastic that this work is being recognised at a global level.

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