Reception: May 31st

15:30  Minigolf @ Victoria Park

19:00  Reception @ Westgate Pub (with registration desk)

Conference: June 1st

09:00  Registration

09:15  Edge Theatre - CDE Meeting

10:30  Weston Studio - Coffee Break

           Ensemble Room - Poster Exhibition

11:00  Edge Theatre - CDE Conference Introduction

11:05  Edge Theatre - VR Development: What AiSolve Has Learnt so Far - Tom Dolby

11:45  Edge Theatre - Presentations: Graphics and Animation


Naval Bhandari: Rigid Surface Morphing Using Normal Equations

Tom Matko: Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Swimming Animation

Kwamina Edum-Fotwe: Efficiently Extracting Extrusions from Airborne Range Scans for Animation & Visualisation of   Urban Environments

Kwamina Edum-Fotwe: Mixed-Reality Architectural Master-Planning via Realtime Interactive Procedural Modelling

Thomas Smith: Logical Content Generation


12:30  Weston Studio - Lunch

          Ensemble Room - Poster Exhibition

14:10  Edge Theatre - Presentations: Interaction in Mixed Reality Spaces


Phil Wilkinson: Purposing Digital Media for Education: Critically Exploring Expectations in Applying Digital Media for Children’s Learning and Development

Tom Cole: Broadening and deepening emotional engagement in videogames with emphasis on rules, mechanics, systems and controls

Asha L. Ward: MAMI: A Modular Accessible Musical Instrument

Ifigeneia Mavridou: FACETEQ prototype for measuring Emotional Expression in Virtual Reality

Javier Dehesa: Real-time gesture recognition in virtual reality environments

Soumya Chinnachamy Barathi: Affective Ludology In VR Exergames


15:20  Weston Studio - Coffee Break w/ Roundtable Discussions

          Ensemble Room - Poster Exhibition

16:00  Ensemble Room - Poster Exhibition w/ Demo Showcases


Simone Barbieri: 3D VR content creation exploiting 2D character animation

Mark Moseley: The use of technology to provide physical interaction experiences for cognitively able young people who have complex physical disabilities

Hashim Yaqub: Car Workshop


Music & Digital Audio Studio Workshops

Naval Bhandari: Microsoft Hololens Workshop @ 16:00

Naval Bhandari: Comparison of head-mounted displays @ 16:45


17:30  Edge Theatre - Closing Speech

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