Applications now open for CDE/Drilling Systems Ltd. EngD Project

Zoe Leonard, 19 Sep 2017

Applications now open for CDE/Drilling Systems Ltd. EngD Project

CDE Bournemouth University (BU) / Drilling Systems Ltd is working together with Drilling Systems Ltd, on this specific EngD Research project.

Interactive Computer Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Deep Oil Well Drilling

The goal of this project is to develop an enhanced computer simulation model for the high pressure interactions of multiphase fluid (mud, cuttings, gas, oil, water) arising from oil well drilling, to compliment the model currently used by Drilling Systems Ltd.


The simulation will:

  • Model the reservoir formation fluid, consisting of gas, oil, water (or any combination of the three) stored within the formation at very high pressure;
  • Model the flow of multiphase fluid (mud, cuttings, gas, oil, water) material within the drill string;
  • Be interactive and responsive to human interventions and scripted events. 
  • Operate in 3D to reflect complex well trajectory configurations.


Due to the changing pressure in formation fluid caused by drilling, trapped gas may be released into the well or up the drill string. The sudden release of gas may result in “kick flow” events which need to be managed by the drill operator during the training exercise. Accurate and responsive simulation of this phenomenon is the aim of this project.


A successful applicant must have a strong (Masters or BSc) background in mathematics, physics and programming.  Some experience in fluid dynamics and/or parallel programming is desirable.


This project may be carried out in collaboration with other international research institutions.


The successful candidate will be enrolled as BU Engineering Doctorate (EngD) post graduate researcher; and embedded as a research engineer with Drilling Systems Ltd.  The post has a tax free bursary of up to £20k pa. The EngD is a four year fully funded programme; managed by the Centre for Digital Entertainment; please see our website;   This post is open to UK/EU applicants.


Applications must be received by Friday 17th November 2017. Please apply here via the Bournemouth University portal.  Further information can be provided by:


Dr Mike Board

Research Project Manager

The Centre for Digital Entertainment

Bournemouth University

Tel:  07753434728 and 01202 966775.   Email:

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