Events 1st November 2017

Becca Knight, 1 Nov 2017

Events 1st November 2017

You are invited to - Start Something: From Benchtop to Business

Start Something is a seminar series designed to encourage postgraduates to consider entrepreneurship as an alternative career path to research, and introduce them to a network of professionals that can help them on their journey. For the professional community, Start Something offers the opportunity to meet and engage with entrepreneurially minded individuals seeking to create the high growth businesses of the future.

The series is organised by the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre (QTEC) and hosted at Unit DX.

7th November - Opportunity: Size it & Seize it
21st November - Hard Work or Luck?
12th December - Spectrum ZX or a Sinclair C5: Ensuring the market fit

The series will be moving to a larger venue in 2018 and the last half of the sessions will feature:

9th January - Captaining your ship - pressgang the crew?
30th January - Driving your Vision: Planning & Modelling
6th February - Growth: Feeding the 'Beast'
20th February - Exit Strategy: Trade Sale, IPO or Burn Out!


Find out more and sign up using the link below.







The British Games Institute campaign is going live today and we need your help!

Please support BGI's call for government to fund a new agency for games culture by following these simple steps:






The next meeting of the Digital Economy Diversity Network.

The Digital Economy Diversity Network (DEDN) exists to enable sharing of experiences, critical perspectives and good practices aimed at promoting diversity, equality and equity across its 11 affiliated CDTs. Through a progressively evolving working group, it seeks to foster cross-CDT cultural exchange and change, creating fora for discussion and engagement both outside and within participating centres. Outputs are collated with a view to forming policy recommendations to DEN and EPSRC. The establishing principles and structure of the network are founded firmly on inclusion. Any individuals affected by diversity issues and, equally, those who might not traditionally be involved in this sphere of activity, are warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate in the DEDN.

We will next meet on Friday 12th January 2018 in Southampton.

We're going to discuss the topic of 'Care - for self and others', with a view of formulating diversity policy recommendations for the DEN/ EPSRC.

Registration:  You can register here for the January meeting:

You can also provide feedback to the DEDN group that will attend, through this link: (whether you plan to attend yourself or not does not matter for this)

Website: We're working on our own DEDN website, which will link to the main DEN website but for now, more information about the DEDN is available here:




The Digital Economy Network is submitting a team application to exhibit at the EPSRC Science for a Successful Nation Showcase Event at the Royal Society in London on 21 February 2018 on behalf of the multidisciplinary CDTs that are within DEN, who have activities that span across the EPSRC prosperity outcomes.

Details of the Call are available here:

The call is open to all EPSRC-funded researchers (including CDT/PhD students) who would like to exhibit under one of the four EPSRC prosperity outcomes below:


·         Connected Nation

·         Healthy Nation

·         Resilient Nation

·         Productive Nation


This is a chance to either showcase any existing research projects/exhibition pieces, further develop existing exhibits or develop new ones. If selected, the EPSRC will cover the costs of developing exhibits with an external agency as well as funding associated travel costs.

If any of the CDTs/researchers/students would like to showcase under the DEN umbrella if successful, please get in touch and let me know.

Also -If anyone is applying directly to the EPSRC exhibit, could you please also let me know as it would be good to cover it via social media if selected to give the event/your exhibit more publicity on the day.

Please also note that the DEN Annual Meeting & CDT Showcase will take place at the Digital Catapult Centre in London on 1-2 February 2018, and we are also calling for exhibits for this event, so any exhibits/activities developed for the EPSRC event on 21 February, could also be potentially showcased at the DEN event at the beginning of February, provided they can be completed in time for this date.




A new contest has been launched by Jean Golding Institute (JGI) in association with Bristol VR lab and We The Curious (formerly known as At-Bristol). 

This data visualisation challenge aims to stimulate a community interested in science content development based on state-of-the-art science and the latest VR, AR and/or 360° data visualisation techniques.

Who are we looking for? 

  • Researchers that are producing or have produced complex datasets and have interesting research questions that may be investigated/explained using data visualisation in 360o and/or VR
  • Professionals in data visualisation, VR, AR, VFX, 360° content developers, gaming developers, producers that are keen to work with researchers to develop a VR and/or 360° data visualisation to be showcased at the Bristol Data Dome. These should have the ability to individually or in small teams develop a prototype using 360 film, pre-programmed VFX or interactive i.e. Unity / Unreal / AR Kit. 

What we offer 

  • JGI will provide £8,000 funding to support the development of a prototype data visualisation to be displayed in the Bristol Data Dome. We also have a data scientist ready and willing to help should any data preparation or analyses be required for the visualisation.  The scope of the prototype will be agreed accordingly with the individual or team in accordance with the funding and timescale (ready for demonstration in July 2018)
  • The Bristol VR lab will offer a space to work on a part time basis while individuals or teams are working on the project, including an opportunity to use their VR facilities
  • We The Curious will provide access to the Data Dome and training on the Data Dome Unity toolkit. In addition, their science communicators will support the development of the story behind the visualisations. 


CreativeXR Reminder: application deadline is 2nd November. 

More info here:




The University of Bath’s Public Engagement Unit has launched a brand new funding call to support researchers wishing to engage with a specific public for the first time.

The Start-Up Fund is aimed at University of Bath researchers at any level (including postgraduate researchers) who have identified community groups / special interest groups / organisations and non-academic individuals with whom they have not previously engaged.

The funding (up to a maximum of £200) can be spent on an activity or activities that might instigate public engagement. Activities should help create conditions for productive conversations about common research interests / challenges from which public engagement with research projects could arise.

A total pot of £4000 is available across the 2017/18 academic year, and the call will remain open until this money is spent.



Look who made it into this month’s InsideBU.  Look out for the published version mid-November!


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