Events 19th September 2018

Zoe Leonard, 27 Sep 2018

Events 19th September 2018

Another great month for CDE student research success

CDE Research Engineer Asha Ward has been confirmed as one of the finalists in the EPSRC Connected Nation Pioneers 2018 competition.  Her multimedia presentation has been selected as one of the finalists for the 'Making Digital Technology Work for People' category.

Many congratualtions to Asha, we can't wait to hear how the final stage goes and we wish her well in the competition.  You can find out more about the competition here:



CDE Research Engineer Ifigeneia Mavridou won the best short paper prize at the 12th International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies 2018 for her work with Emteq's VR platform for emotion recognition. 

Huge congratulation Ifigeneia!




CDE Research Engineer Aris Michailidis had his paper 'Flow and Immersion in Video Games: The Aftermath of a Conceptual Challenge' published in Frontiers in Psychology.  Congratulations to Aris and co-authors Emili Balaguer-Ballester and Xun He.  You can read the  paper here:




 CDE Research Engineer Anamaria Ciucanu has had her paper accepted for the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion, Interaction and Games 2018.    The conference takes place in Cyprus from 8th to 10th November.

Well done Anamaria!​




New Generation Thinkers 2019

Applications close on 4th October 2018 for the AHRC New Generation Thinkers 2019.  The scheme aims to provide a development opportunity for early career researchers to develop their media skills, including programme making to communicate their research outside of the academic community.  For more details and information on how to apply:




​Hongchuan Yu is running the following unit.  If you are a Bournemouth student and are interested or if you have any questions please contact Hongchuan Yu directly:

Module: Constrained Nonlinear Programming—Lagrange Multipliers

Constrained nonlinear programming problems are usually encountered in our research. There is an intensive literature that addresses the theory and their implementations. Before starting this theme, we will have a revision of the basic calculus and linear algebra knowledge, such as, continuity and limits of the multivariable functions, derivatives and directional derivatives, mean value theorem, feasible sets, norms of vectors and matrices, nullspace and range, pseudo-inverse, conditioning and stability. Then, the module will introduce a few of famous methods, Lagrange multipliers, Augmented Lagrangian Method, Alternating direction method of multipliers. The latter (ADMM) is the recent focus in data mining field.

This module is composed of 4 lectures (i.e. will last 4 weeks)

Date/time: at 10am-12pm on 21 Sept. (that is the 1st lecture)

Venue: Fusion Building 207​

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