CDE Introducing

Zoe Leonard, 2 Nov 2017

CDE Introducing

We are pleased to introduce you to our new CDE Research Engineers.  They have all been working hard over the past few weeks with induction and settling into their lecture schedules.

We hope that you will take the time to welcome them into the CDE family and we know that you will have the opportunity to meet with them in person at the CDE Winter event in December (more details to follow).

Sameh Hussain


I graduated with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath and I had spent one year doing a placement at Airbus Space and Defence where I developed software that was used to monitor and assess manufacturing performance.

Whilst my undergraduate studies had exposed me to topics such as product design and applications of classical mechanics, I had also undertaken modules in control systems and completed a final year project that focused on reverse engineering STL meshes into CAD models using 3D feature extraction.

Research areas of interest:

My personal areas of interest include procedural generation and implicit modelling, however, I am very enthusiastic at looking at the various research opportunities available in other areas.



Thomas Williams


I graduated from the University of Bath in 2016 with a BSc Mathematics and Physics degree, which included a 12-month placement. My placement was at Quintessa Limited, a scientific and mathematical consultancy company who also develop their own software. During my time there I developed a portfolio selection tool using C#, and was also responsible for software testing. Having strengthened my programming skills whilst on placement, I chose to tailor the final year units of my BSc to create a strong computational programme, which has prepared me well for the EngD in Digital Entertainment.

Research areas of interest.

I am mainly interested in the use of augmented reality for heritage and history education, which I think could also be extended to tourism and other areas of learning. Specifically, the recreation of heritage sites or digital realisation of ruined buildings and how people can interact with these models is a particular interest of mine. As a musician, I am also intrigued in the use of artificial intelligence to teach computers how to compose using the strict rules of baroque composition, and how those rules can be successfully broken, like many composers have in the past. This may have implications for education, for example, to interactively aid the composition process and to provide real-time feedback. 



Alexandros Rotsidis


I have a degree in Computer Science from Southampton University and I have worked in the industry for 5 years as a web developer. I have a strong interest in Computer Graphics and Machine Learning and which lead me to the EngD programme.

 Research Areas of Interest:

Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Animation and Games


Victor Ceballos Inza

I am currently in my first year of study at the Centre for Digital Entertainment. My previous education took place across various universities. I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a BSc in AI & Maths. During my time at Caltech, I became acquainted with Computer Graphics, and later pursued an MSc in Computer Graphics, Vision & Imaging at University College London. Professionally, I have worked as a Research Assistant in projects that apply Computer Vision techniques to healthcare, for example to the detection of falls in the elderly (at Toshiba Healthcare, Edinburgh) and to the analysis of colonic content for diagnostic (at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona). I am now looking to shift my career towards the entertainment industry.

Research Areas of Interest:

My research areas of interest include Geometry Processing, Computer Animation and Visual Effects, and, in particular, their application in the film industry.


Kenneth Cynric Dasalla

I graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc in Computer Science specializing in Visual Computing. My research project was primarily focussed on Boosting Saliency Research on the development of a new dataset which includes multiple categorised stimuli and distortions. Fixations of multiple observers on the stimuli were recorded using an eye tracker.

Research areas of interest:

I am very intrigued at what CDE has to offer as I continue to develop and narrow down my research interest. Some concepts that I find interesting is the research on the combination of Eye Tracking and VR Headsets to improve better immersion on the film industry or gaming industry. I would like to continue to learn VR/AR, Motion Capture, Animation and VFX.


Jacob Haynes



Physics based simulations and visual effects; Visual Understanding and Imagine Processing. I’m particularly interested in working in the Film and Entertainment sector.


Marcia Saul


Both my Bachelors and Masters degrees lie in multidisciplinary fields. I completed a BSc in Biology with Psychology at Royal Holloway University of London, followed by an MSc in Computational Neuroscience & Cognitive Robotics at the University of Birmingham. My research project consisted of using computational proprioception models and artificial neural networks in predictive two-dimensional wrist position methods. Both qualifications supplied me with the technical skills and knowledge to start an Engineering Doctorate in Digital Media based at Bournemouth University. 

I have always been a firm believer of enjoying what you study and/or your career. The combination of my interests in gaming and knowledge of neural networks has lead me to pursue research into the application of machine learning in user behaviour recognition in computer games. I am also interested to research the implementation of intelligent games for cognitive training. 


Valentin Miu


I spent five years on a MSci Physics course at the University of Glasgow, graduating with a 1st degree. During this time, I created short videos for niche Internet consumption, involving mainly 2D animation and advanced compositing. I mainly used After Effects, Flash and Blender.

I like to code (Python, C++) and make videos. I am keen to learn more about VFX and CGI, so I can improve my technical skills and have the opportunity to learn from the industry.



Michelle Wu


Before joining the CDE, I completed a degree in Software Development for Animation, Games and Effects (BSc) at Bournemouth University and then worked as a Research Assistant in HCI/CG there, focusing on the development and dissemination of the SHIVA Project, a software that provides virtual sculpting tools for people with a wide range of disabilities. Throughout my studies, I have had the chance to become familiar with many areas and concepts of Computer Graphics, and I believe this has been of great help in shaping my research interests in motion capture and physically-based simulations.


Rory Clark



I studied Games Programming (BSc) at Bournemouth University, focusing on the use and development of; games and game engines, graphical rendering, 3D modelling, and a number of programming languages. My final year dissertation consisted of research, development and testing of a virtual reality event planning simulation, utilising the HTC Vive. In the past I've created and developed projects for a multitude of systems, ranging from the web and mobile, to smart-wear devices and VR headsets.

My current areas of interest are that of the usage and benefits of virtual reality, along with its array of scenario implementations. I have also have a keen interest in AI and the opportunities and insights it can create.



Miguel Ramos Carretero


Before coming to BU, I worked for three years as research engineer at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden) and at the research lab Fields of View (Bangalore, India). My work focused on the development of research projects related to diverse topics such as procedural modelling, crowd behaviour, traffic simulation, robotic kinematics and virtual reality, using CG software tools like 3D Studio Max and Unity. In parallel, since the last three years I also started developing my skills on the study and practice of traditional drawing techniques for still and life drawing. 

I have always been fascinated about the creation of imaginary worlds and how the stories crafted within them shape our own reality. My main research interests gravitate towards the artistic and technical aspects of film-making for animation and gaming, with a special focus on the study of new ways for building engaging stories and art visions through these media platforms. Among others, some topics of interests for me include the exploration of interactive storytelling, the creation of new CG art techniques and the development of virtual experiences for immersive technologies. 



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